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Friends - Eternal connection

Friends - Eternal connection

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Two steel rings welded into each other

Inspired by eternal connection, friendship and love. Experience how “Friends” give your room a very special touch!

These steel rings, made by the artist Tina Itin, are welded on the inside and act as a unique symbol and reminder.

Product details

  • Steel rings

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 4.8cm


Tina Itin-Crafts and Industrial Design

Tina Itin Welds with mastery and creates shapes to infinity. Welded steel is a medium that combines art, craft and industrial design. It is a relatively immediate process that allows for improvisational, expressive and sculptural openness and fits perfectly with the artist's character. With an endless visual lexicon, Tina Itin conjures the essence of materials and forms, expressing herself with the same suppleness in the lights as in the shadows of matter. Her sculptures, which are unique in the world, are produced exclusively in the atelier dati in Pfäffikon.

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