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Bracelet Lilly Jet

Bracelet Lilly Jet

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Jet bracelet with 925 sterling silver flower

The Jet bracelet with silver rollers slips smoothly over the wrist, the Lilly pendant playfully rounds off the bracelet.

There is a matching jet trailer from CLOU CLICK.

Product Details:

  • 925 sterling silver

  • Material: jet olives

  • Length about 18cm

-> Please allow 2-3 working days after ordering for the completion of the bracelet.


Jet or Jet - A fossil wood formed by trees embedded in wet mud. Because it is so easy to carve, jet was already used in jewelry and objects in pre-Christian times. Beotius, Caesar's personal physician, even ascribes a whole host of healing properties to Jet. He should protect against evil eyes or even cure epilepsy and toothache.
The heyday of jet jewelry was in the Victorian era before jet occurrences became scarce.

We like to bring the time back to life!

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