Fabienne Sponagel, Gründerin

Fabienne Sponagel, Founder

Favorite piece of jewelry at LILLY CLOU?

  • The Farfallina ear clips! My Nonna always called me Farfallina as a little girl. That's why there is this ear clip 😉

Day or night?
  • Since my husband, every day and since I became a mom, every day and very early.

Favorite place in Zurich?
  • Anywhere I can look at the lake.

Fabienne, you have put everything on one card, namely the LILLY CLOU card. What has been the biggest challenge for you since becoming self-employed?
  • Certainly time management, so that in addition to family and work, your own needs can also be met.

What makes you lose track of time?
  • When I look into the sea or water.

Favorite Food?
  • Spaghetti Arzelle and Penne Imperiale in Tuscany. I need variety at home, but I couldn't live without tomatoes, sweet potatoes and oranges.

Fabienne Sponagel

Ring, bracelet or earring?

  • Earrings! I need variety and with CLOU CLICK that's great. Bracelets are important to me because I can see them for myself. I also wear them on days when I'm at home. I often give my bracelet a meaning and so it is a constant reminder of something very personal. At the moment the Cara bracelet, with the beautiful hearts connected, is my daily companion.

You're stranded on a deserted island - who or what would you take with you?
    • Very boring; my husband and my daughter

    Your life motto?
    • I have many mottos: Anything is possible; I try to live in the moment; not to judge anything (a lot of things are not as you think) and to stay calm.

      Monday at 10:00 a.m. I am...
      • working in front of the computer

        Summer. Autumn, winter, spring?
        • Summer, sun and warmth...

          What do you want for LILLY CLOU?
          • A lot... but above all a LILLY CLOU team as unique as it is now. We want to continue to grow, we can only do that together.

            Interview by Bigna Neuenschwander

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