Tanja Meier, Goldschmiedin

Tanja Meier, goldsmith

Tanja Meier is the third goldsmith in the Steinlin team and has been working behind the workbench on Kuttelgasse for almost 11 years.

She expressed her creativity and love for animals in the bee collection. She helped design this collection with great attention to detail. No wonder bees are her favorite pieces of LILLY CLOU jewelry.

In the interview, she explains which other animals are close to Tanja's heart and why she forgets time.

In addition to working in the studio or in the store, Tanja photographs and films for the LILY CLOU homepage and our Instagram account.

In her free time, she loves to be in nature - either on a walk in the forest or in her garden with a shovel and hoe.

Goldsmith Tanja Meier Favourite piece of furniture?

  • My bed, I like to sleep very much.

Where is your favorite place in Zurich?

  • There are many...I love Zurich and definitely think it's one of the most beautiful cities I know. I constantly discover new, exciting places during my lunch break. I love spending time in Niederdorf and strolling through the cozy streets and catching glimpses of the beautiful courtyards.

Ring, bracelet or ear?

  • Bracelets, preferably several next to each other.

Favorite piece of jewelry at LILLY CLOU?

  • There are several. I think the new Lucky Charm bracelets are great. And of course I like the whole bee collection. Maybe it's because I was allowed to help design the models in this collection or because I think the bee is a beautiful motif. In my private life, I really enjoy wearing the bee ear clips on special occasions. I prefer the Queen Bee No. for work. 2 trailers.

Favorite restaurant?

  • Hum Kitchen in Kloten, there are the best Momo's.

What qualities would your friends say about you?

  • I think you would say that I am a very reliable person.

What is the best thing about your job? 

  • to make people happy.
  • At Steinlin, I also love the variety in my job. I never just sit at the workbench for a whole day, but can also prove myself creative with other tasks such as taking photographs, filming and editing images.

Do you have pets?

  • Yes, my two beloved cats Chipsy and Brownie.

Summer, fall, winter or spring?

  • Definitely spring! I love it when everything wakes up from hibernation.

What do you always have in the fridge?

  • Grated cheese is what I use in almost every dish.

How do you lose track of time?

  • On long walks alone in the forest. Or with my parents on the farm.

What would you do if you had infinite money?

  • Buy a small house in the middle of nowhere. Preferably completely alone and in nature, with no neighbors far and wide.

Interview by Bigna Neuenschwander

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