Marco Mauchle, Goldschmied

Marco Mauchle, goldsmith

Marco has been a goldsmith at Steinlin for over 7 years. 

In addition to working in the studio, Marco writes blogs for the LILLY CLOU homepage and enjoys spending his free time in nature with friends - both fishing on the water and with a shovel and hoe in his garden.

Goldsmith Marco Mauchle with jewelry

Describe yourself as a main course?
  • lovingly cooked, pleasantly seasoned and generously portioned.

What qualities do your friends value most in you?

  • I'm up for fun with everyone and love working on different projects together.

What makes the Koi collection so special for you?

  • The interplay of classic jewelry shapes and the characteristic pattern. This combination fascinates me, probably not least as a passionate recreational angler.

What is your favorite piece at LILLY CLOU?

  • About me? Then clearly the new Koi signet ring.
  • Of all the variety of LILLY CLOU pieces of jewelry, it would be the Queen Bee ring from the women's collection. I'm a big fan of signet rings - both for him and for her.

Your life motto?

  • When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila

Summer, fall, winter or spring?

  • Difficult! I like every single season precisely because of the variety. However, summer is almost a bit ahead, except this year...

What always fascinates you about your job?

  • Absurdly, still working with precious metals. Melting and processing gold and silver doesn't seem to lose its appeal for me, even after years.

Ring, bracelet or earring?

  • ring

Gin and tonic or tea?

  • Come on! Gin and Tonic!

Do you still remember your first piece of jewelry at Steinlin?

  • Actually very good. I had a trial day at Steinlin and was able to demonstrate my skills. Of course I was a bit nervous.

Your favorite lunch spot?

  • The SO pizzeria on Langstrasse. Fantastic pizza and a huge variety thanks to its great concept.

Where is your favorite place in Zurich?

  • The deck chair under the cherry tree in our allotment garden. From the Uetliberg slope you can marvel at the entire city including the lake.

Interview by Bigna Neuenschwander

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