Siegelring in aller Munde

Signet ring on everyone's lips

The king of men's jewelry is making a huge comeback. This means that its status as a personalized jewelry object has actually been undisputed for centuries. Whether as a pure fashion statement or as an expression of belonging and tradition - the signet ring has always enjoyed a high status in the world of jewelry.

Authority & Power

The signet ring, which at the beginning was mainly used for... Sealing important documents served, in antiquity and the Middle Ages reserved only for the nobility and embodied their authority and power.

But the well-heeled Egyptians were already adorning themselves in 2000 BC. Her hands with an original form of the signet ring. The scarab beetle, carved from a gemstone with an engraved hieroglyph, was pierced lengthwise and worn on a linen cord around the finger. It was only a little later, during the reign of Tutankhamen, that the first signet rings of modern design appeared. Crafted entirely in gold or silver, the ring bearer's name was engraved on the ring's decorative faceplate.

The tradition

From modern times at the latest, almost every middle-class family had its own seal in the form of a family coat of arms. The exact execution, design and interpretation of these seals are subject to the rules of a special heraldry, heraldry. In Germany, the protective norm of naming rights (§ 12 BGB) still applies today, so that only members of the corresponding family are authorized to use a specific coat of arms.

The individual

Despite its reputation as a traditional piece of jewelry, the signet ring today enjoys unprecedented freedom in its artistic design. There seem to be hardly any limits to the designs and engraving motifs - be it from your beloved pet to your own birth rune.

And it's not just men who enjoy this piece of jewelry. The signet ring has long since overcome gender specification and can be worn as a “pinky ring” as well as on the ring finger by anyone.

In a time where big brands and mass-produced fashion are omnipresent, there is an increasing need to emphasize one's own individuality. It's even nicer when you can fulfill this wish with such a unique piece of jewelry.

Of course, we would also like to give you the opportunity to realize yourself with such a unique piece of jewelry. For our signet ring from the Koi collection we chose the mermaid with anchor as a stampable engraving motif, a symbol of courage and hope.

The engraving area of ​​our newly created Koi signet ring is yours alone. Let. Let your imagination run wild when choosing the motif or wear it plain with a mirror-smooth ring plate.

Author : Marco Mauchle, goldsmith from the Steinlin team

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