Mammutzahn - woher kommt dieses edle Material?

Mammoth tooth - where does this noble material come from?

Delicate white grain, robust and pleasantly light - Mammoth tooth is one of the most beautiful organic natural materials we know in the jewelry industry.

That's why it's all the more pleasing to be able to wear Mammutzahn, an ecologically and ethically harmless alternative. Since the long-extinct mammoths, unlike elephants, cannot be poached, the mining of their bones and teeth does not threaten any living species. According to Pachyderm Journal, which works to preserve endangered species in Africa, Mammoth Tooth could even displace the illegal ivory black market that still partially exists.

But where does this precious material come from and how are the fossils trapped in the ice for over 4 million years brought to the surface?

The main distribution area of ‚Äč‚Äčthese majestic animals and therefore also their fossils are in the arctic regions of Alaska, North America and Siberia. During the Ice Age that still prevailed at the time, the bones and especially the hard tusks of the deceased animals were preserved in the permafrost and have therefore been preserved to this day. As a result of climate change, the soil and river banks that have been sealed by frost for thousands of years are thawing, which makes the recovery of these valuable treasures possible.

Modern gold diggers are discovering these huge skeletons piece by piece, with one tusk alone weighing over 140 kilos and can be up to 4.5m long.
The individual bone parts and fragments are sorted and then sold as raw material. Due to the different qualities and coloring within a mammoth tooth, Only a small part can be used in high-class jewelry. The individual parts are further processed by cutting, grinding and polishing and thus become sought-after pieces of jewelry - each one is a beautiful unique piece.

You too can discover this unique material for yourself!

Our online jewelry collection includes Mammoth Tooth Hanger in teardrop shape, which harmonize perfectly with our stud earrings and earrings and give you a wonderful, light look.

Author : Marco Mauchle, goldsmith

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