Lotusseide - Die Lotuspflanze ist ein wahres Meisterwerk der Natur

Lotus silk - The lotus plant is a true masterpiece of nature

Not only the beautiful flower shape but also the valuable lotus silk inspired us. Here is a continuation about the fascination of the lotus:

The lotus plant is a true masterpiece of nature. Thanks to its knob-like leaf surface, it has an exceptional ability to repel dirt. This property not only appealed to science, but was Source of inspiration for many products - the so-called lotus effect.

Something completely different and special about the Lotus is that One of the most valuable materials is obtained from this fascinating aquatic plant, lotus silk. This precious fabric fulfills all the properties you would want in a clothing fabric. It is very light, breathable, water-repellent, cool in summer and warm in winter and it doesn't wrinkle.

Originally only Buddha statues and high clergy were allowed to wear the fine cloth. Until 2010, the entrepreneur Pier Luigi Loro Piana discovered the preciousness and properties of this material for himself and the fashion world. The Italian luxury fashion house Loro Piana was the first to bring men's jackets made of lotus silk onto the market.

(Image: A scarf made from this valuable lotus silk)

Worldwide, lotus silk is produced exclusively on Lake Inle in Myanmar manufactured and has a centuries-old tradition. It is a complex process that requires a lot of manual work, skill and experience. The extraction of raw materials is entirely in the hands of men.

At the end of the rainy season they row their boats onto the lake to pull the lotus stems out of the lake bottom. The stems are then carefully cut, bent and peeled off piece by piece until the entire coat is removed and the fine fibers are exposed intact. Approximately 5 fibers are then twisted together and processed immediately. They must be processed within a day before they lose their moisture , because sufficient moisture is the secret to the extraction and processing of the threads. This business is traditionally firmly in women's hands.

It takes a worker two months just to gather enough material for a scarf . For one meter of fabric with a width of 75 centimeters, 10,000 stems are required.

Because the production of lotus silk is so complex and labor-intensive, the number of garments produced is relatively small. But it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product , which is an interesting alternative to traditional fabrics for the fashion industry. The lotus flower stems grow back quickly and can be harvested several times a year. Due to the changed consumer awareness and the predominantly positive properties of the fabric, lotus silk will be placed in even greater focus in the future. - Once again a positive property of this sacred flower.

Author : Nicole Braun, goldsmith

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