Karma - unsere Inspiration

Karma - our inspiration

Humans need harmony. He wants to be at peace with himself and those around him, but at the same time he wants to be progressive and is very reluctant to leave his own comfort zone. The balancing act between consistency, balance and progress sometimes resembles a tightrope walk and turns our lives into a mammoth project.

Personal karma is also closely linked to our perception and feelings. The meaning of the word comes from the ancient Indian language and means “action” or “effect”. It describes a spiritual concept of cause and effect. This means that every physical but also mental action has a consequence. It describes important insights about mind and well-being.

In short, anyone who is in harmony with themselves and their mental life can face everyday life and the challenges that come with it.

Inspired by these needs, the new Karma collection was created. But karma cannot be visualized or grasped. In order to give this collection an expression, we looked for a model that combines all the attributes.

We found the sacred lotus flower. Nothing embodies human needs better than them. She is the symbol of the Absolute.

That The lotus plant embodies purity, thanks to its extraordinary ability to repel dirt with its knob-like leaf surface. It grows in the muddy subsoil of a body of water, sometimes under difficult conditions, and unfolds its full splendor above the surface of the water. At sunset it closes its flowers again and sinks into the depths, only to return immaculately clean again the next daylight .

In yoga, the lotus symbolizes the third eye, which represents enlightenment. The forehead chakra (the third eye) is located between the eyebrows and is able to discern wisdom. This means we can better empathize with people and are more empathetic and sensitive to external influences. We can trust our intuition, strengthen our perception and be progressive and dare to try new things.

For us, the symbiosis of karma and the lotus flower represents the perfect connection between mental, spiritual and physical demands and the optical element.

For some, our Karma collection will be just decoration, while for others, however, this collection, the concept of Karma, will always remind you to consciously remember every action.

 Author : Nicole Braun, goldsmith

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